How to present yourself in an online interview - what should you do? 10 top tips

1) Make sure you have a shower and bath beforehand and you’re groomed before the interview. It’s important that you don’t have a bad hair day or bad makeup day at the interview. Even if it’s online they can still see you. First impressions count

2) Pick the clothes you’re going to wear the day before the interview but please don’t leave it to the last moment and pick something out of your wardrobe that you notice has a tomato ketchup stain on it whilst you’re interviewing or worst still; the interviewer notices !!

3) Check your webcam and mic the day before your interview. Make sure everything is working. If you are using a webcam in your room, make sure there isn’t any mess or distractions behind you and make sure any pets are put in another room so you can’t be disturbed.

4) Make sure your webcam is at the correct height and the interviewer doesn’t see the contents of your nose!!

5) Make sure you sit up straight, smile and always keep eye contact with those interviewing you. Don’t fidget, look around the room, rock on your chair or get distracted. Your focus should always be on the interviewer.

6) If you do have to leave the room, say something to the interviewer, but be careful to remember what you have on waist down. If you have a shirt and jacket on and only a pair of shorts on, remember that before getting up.

7) Put your mobile phone on silent or even better, ‘do not disturb’. Don’t get distracted by notifications!!

8) Don’t bite your nails or pick, scratch, or squeeze anything that is on your facial region.

9) Speak as clearly as you can

10) Always smile. A smile means that you’re happy to be in the interview and it tells the interviewer that you seem really positive about the job and the company itself.


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