What does an Interview Coach do?

You’ve certainly arrived at the right place to understand what an interview coach does. With so many different coaches available it’s difficult to understand where they all fit in and what they do. So here is a breakdown:

Understanding where you are currently

An interview coach will try to understand your current situation. For example, you may have had a bad interviewing experience where you stumbled over questions or you had some really bad feedback.

These issues are common because most people who go into interviews are totally unprepared. They think it’s just talking to someone about what they’ve been doing and why they want the job.

However, the reality is there is so much more to an interview than that. it’s really important that the interview coach understands what has been happening in your interviews and the areas that you’ve been picked up on.

it’s also really important that you are honest and open with the coach. The interview coach has to understand completely your situation and what you need to work on to enable you to get through the interview with renewed confidence.

Understanding the Job you are interviewing for

Now, the interview coach has to look at the job you may be interviewing for or perhaps the jobs you’ve interviewed for in the past. it’s really important that they understand the skills that the company is asking for and to extract those skills from the job description/s. 

if you think about it, the job description lists all the qualities/skills that they want you to have. Your interview coach will no doubt need to extract those skills out and make a list of them for use in the next steps of the coaching session

Understanding how to prepare for the interview

Now we understand the job or roles you’re thinking