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A Little Bit About Myself

I'm Lyndon Gray. I have a BA in Business Studies and I've been working in the IT industry for over 35 years. I have worked in many different sectors such as banking (Retail and Investment), financial services, oil and gas, publishing and the charity sector. I have been through a multitude of interviews and also been an interviewer myself, so I feel I'm perfectly placed to give coaching on what you need to to get through the multiple interview stages.

My Mission & Approach

My core mission values are:

1. Treat all our clients with the utmost respect and with complete confidentiality
2. Listen to all our clients needs and requirements
3. Deep dive into all the information relating to a clients interview
4. Provide a step by step coaching session designed to help my clients get through the interview
5. Provide advice on pre and post interview tasks
6. Make sure the client leaves happy and content that I have done everything to have helped them prepare and get through the interview process

I’m trying to help people get through their interview with as little stress and anxiety as possible and all the Interview Coaching they need.

Areas Of Specialty

Interview Coaching

Interview coaching for all levels of professionals

Knowing your Body Language

Did you know that body language tells a lot about you to the interviewer.

Building Self - Confidence

Interviews can cause lack of confidence, stress and anxiety. They don't have to

Life Experience

My Own Journey To Self Discovery

When I had my first interview, I was so nervous because I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t really know how to answer the questions. there wasn’t any help in those days. Anyway, the more interviews I did the more confident I became. eventually I just became more confident in my answers because I began to understand the questions they were going to ask me. I knew in a way how to dress and how to sit, not to fidgit or how to keep eye contact. It was very much a learning experience. Here we are to today. Things are very different now with competency/Behavioural questions, Psychometric tests as well and I decided I wanted to impart my knowledge to others. That was my journey of self discovery now onto yours.

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